Sport and Fun Day


“Hura, hura, We are going to have a very-very fun sport day”. Some students in lower grades yell.

Every year Harapan Bangsa School holds an event that we name sport and fun day. This event is one of the whole extra activities hold by the school. To build up students confidence, sportivity, and the spirit of competition is the ultimate goal of this event. Sport and fun day offer many kinds of competitions and games such as mini soccer, sprint, yelling, and many others. This competition really needs a teamwork. No body left behind in this event, all students and teachers took part in groups that was prepared by the commete.

Teacher’s evaluation noted that they are succefully run the programme. It is more organized than before because all students and teacher are totally get involved. Grade one and two was sepereted from grade three until grade six. This is to make easy to organized. The strategy was work.

I saw one side of this event is about elementary teachers teamwork. Eventhough they have to work over time for the preparation, but they feel happy to do the work. At last all teachers aware that teamwork is a must. It is like foundation of a bulidig. Work in a team make all our jobs finish easily. It is to remind about what Indonesians old proverb; “berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing”. This is our first stem. I hope it will exist in the future.



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